About me

Rebecca Dick portrait photo

I am fascinated by old, abandoned buildings and ‘fleeting’ architecture. I respond to nature and man-made structures & materials and my work examines the powerful pull between these two elements.

I now develop my work both in the studio and in the outside environment. I make in the studio and sometimes bring the work into the outside world. I also take visual research of shapes and structures that interest me in everyday life to start off the beginnings of a piece of work.

These photographs are often of functional objects. My sculptures though are non-functional, instead making the viewer aware of the colour and shape of everyday things around them.

I change the material and scale of the objects I photograph. I am interested in colour and texture, of materials and in turn, the final piece is made up of different layers of structural and aesthetic elements.

My work often takes up a graphic architectural shape that may be recognisable. I make large-scale, peculiar work that invites the audience to walk around and investigate.